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Sister Cities Bariloche
Sister Cities Bariloche

Queenstown - New Zealand

For many years people have been attracted by the beauty of the lakes and mountains that surround Queenstown, starting with the first Maories that arrived searching for the “Pounamu” green stone. They were followed by European pioneers whose interest was in the green grazing lands. The Gold fever arose in 1860, marking the start of an international fascination for Queenstown.

Nearly 1.9 million visitors arrive every year to enjoy unbelievable experiences. They come to enjoy its marvelous landscapes, in search of adventure, to relax and receive anti-aging treatments, or just to breathe the fresh and pure mountain air.

This region is well known for its incredible adventure activities and spectacular landscapes. You can practice almost everything: ski, snowboarding, bungee jumping, fast boat rides, parachuting and mamy more. Or, if you like a more relaxed activity, you can choose among outdoor experiences, excursions and beauty Spas. Almost all activities can be enjoyed all year round. Queenstown is a vacation center with four unique and beautiful seasons.

Ordinance Nª 1135-I-94