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Belluno - Italy

Belluno province, surrounded by the Dolomites, is located in the northern part of Veneto. It is an appreciated touristic destination where art, history and culture are perfectly integrated with the nature around it. Several small villages, impressive mountains, marvelous hills and silent forests are part of the landscape.

The Dolomites represent the strength of this land, a magnificent and monumental masterpiece included in the UNESCO list since 2009, created along centuries by an unbeatable artist: Mother Nature.

This amazing mountain range from which the Marmolada Massif, the Antelio Mount, the Civetta Mount and the three peaks of the Lavaredo Mount protrude, offers to the visitors the opportunity to admire marvelous landscapes with great hills close to impressive rocky cliffs, small and big lakes with intense blue colored waters in Summer, streams, rivers, crystal clear waterfalls and, finally, thick forests that give colours when the snow covers the landscape in Winter, creating a surrealistic atmosphere.