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Gramado - Brasil Friend Cities

Gramado, known as “the Brazilian Switzerland”, is a Rio Grande do Sul Brazilian city located 71 miles north of Porto Alegre, the State capital. The city has an exuberant Nature richness, being the most important touristic destination of Rio Grande do Sul...

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Belluno - Italy Friend Cities

Belluno province, surrounded by the Dolomites, is located in the northern part of Veneto. It is an appreciated touristic destination where art, history and culture are perfectly integrated with the nature around it. Several small villages, impressive mountains...

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L’Aquila Italia
Sestriere - Italy
Friend Cities

Sestriere, located at 6.700 feet and close to the international mountain pass with that name, overlooking the Val Chisone and the Valle di Susa, was the first modern skiing resort in Italy. Created in 1937 by the Agnelli family, Sestriere offers today every...

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