Medical Exchange Program

Sister Cities Bariloche
Sister Cities Bariloche

Bariloche- Aspen Sister Cities Exchange

Basis and conditions of the Medical Program:

1. All professionals, technicians and agents that work (hired or contracted) for the Ramon Carrillo Regional Hospital, can participate in the Medical Exchange Program.
2. To qualify in first instance, the candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the participation form, explaining objectives and benefits for the tasks and activities that the candidate has in the Hospital.
  • Commitment to transfer to his/her Hospital colleagues the program earned experiences, either in practices or with training speeches, and/or by presenting devolutions from previous exchange programs.
  • Have a Hospital good behavior record
  • Show a good discipline record
  • Have qualities of an ambassador, recognized by his companions and superiors, as well as by the interview result.
  • They must have a language level of English that allows them to fluently communicate with the program counterparts.
  • 3. The selected professionals and technicians must be willing to host counterparts from Aspen, as well as to participate in all program involved events and meetings
    4. First selection of professionals and technicians will be made by the Hospital service area to which they belong.
    5. The second selection process will be supervised by the Ramon Carrillo Hospital Teaching and Investigation Committee and by the Hospital Director.
    6. Finally, the Bariloche Sister Cities Committee is the instance that holds the last word and right of decision in all cases
    7. To travel, the person selected must pay an administration membership fee for every Bariloche –Aspen Sister Cities program in which they will participate.

    Internal regulations:

    I understand that my participation in the exchange program with Aspen is a privilege and that I must represent the institution that is sponsoring me, San Carlos de Bariloche and my community as an ambassador, condition that allows me to be part of an exchange program delegation. Keeping this in mind, I promise to:

    • 1. Accept and obey all rules and procedures of the Sister Cities Committee
    • 2. Accept and obey all rules and procedures given to me by the program subcommittee in which I participate.
    • 3. Accept and obey all indications given by my companions and hosts.
    • 4. Actively participate in all scientific and cultural programed events, as well in all those considered important by the exchange organizers.
    • 5. Comply with the established schedules for all kind of activities during my travel and permanence in Aspen.
    • 6. Dully respect the rules of my hosting family, for I’m his/her guest.
    • 7. I fully understand and accept the prohibition to smoke, drink alcoholic beverages and to use any kind of drugs during the whole program period.
    • 8. Participate in all obligatory activities, except for sickness or other justified reasons.
    • 9. In case of physical inactivity, due to injuries or sickness, I commit myself to accept other alternative activity.
    • 10. Finally, the hosting city Committee is authorized to repatriate me, should I fail to dully comply with these rules.

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