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Sestriere - Italy

Sestriere, located at 6.700 feet and close to the international mountain pass with that name, overlooking the Val Chisone and the Valle di Susa, was the first modern skiing resort in Italy. Created in 1937 by the Agnelli family, Sestriere offers today every possibility of fun to the ski fans.

The main center of the skiing area of Via Lattea (over 200 different slopes with more than 250 miles of ski tracks, 78 ski lifts and a net of programmed snow that covers more than 60% of the skiing surface) Sestriere offers the possibility to communicate with six other skiing stations and night ski in the illuminated Giovani Alberto Agnelli track.

From the easiest to the most difficult skiing tracks, from alpine ski to cross country ski, everyone finds here the ideal place to test their capabilities, skiing on tracks that have witnessed the alpine ski competitions of the XX Olympic Games (Torino 2006)

Ordinance Nº 1275-CM-03