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Sister Cities Bariloche
Sister Cities Bariloche

Puerto Montt - Chile

Capital city of the Chilean X Region, Puerto Montt has an incredible environmental richness. Forests and lakes, estuaries and islands and outstanding volcanoes, give this place many appeals that softly combine with sporting and recreational outdoor activities.

Walking by the seaside promenade you can find several docks, the Yacht Club, the harbor, fantastic cruising ships, the Angelmo cove with its handicraft shops and, just in front of it, the Tenglo island, famous for its curanto and vantage point.

By the Angelmo cove is the fish and shellfish market. There you can get all regional seafood: large Mussels, Scallops,Razor Clams, Barnacles, Abalons beside the famous Chilean pink salmon.

Ordinance Nº 227 CM 93