Professionals Exchange Program

Code of procedures for the participation of Bariloche professionals in exchange program activities with Sister Cities

The Bariloche professionals who wish to participate in exchange activities with Sister Cities must be registered at their Bariloche based professional Association or Council.

To participate in any Sister Cities activities candidates must first present a letter of intent prepared by their Bariloche professional Council or Association, informing the program activities and listing the institutions and people who will take part in them. The letter will be evaluated by the Bariloche Sister Cities Committee.

The Bariloche Sister Cities Committee holds the final word and right of decision under all circumstances.

All professional activities must be approved by the Committee and be in full knowledge of the involved Bariloche professional Association and/or Council or other corresponding institutions.

The professional activities will bear no expenses to the Committee, except for those related with special attentions or invitations, all of which must be defined in scope and number of participants by the Committee.

In all cases, the professionals must forward to the Bariloche Sister Cities Committee the required documentation to illustrate about the exchange realized activities, in order to hold records for future encounters.

Participants whose activities demand travelling to sister cities, must comply and respect the exchange regulations which apply at the moment of their participation.

After their return to Bariloche, they must present a written report to the Bariloche Sister Cities Committee and commit themselves to transfer to the local community, with practices and/or training, what they have learned and experienced during the exchange activities,

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