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Sister Cities Bariloche

Saint Moritz

St. Moritz is a World famous touristic center. Distinguished, elegant and exclusive, with a very cosmopolitan atmosphere, is located at 6.100 feet over sea level in the middle of the High Engadine lakes district. Its climate “dry and stimulant as champagne” is well known, and the famous St, Moritz sun shines an average of 322 days each year.

With its romance language and the Italian and German influence, St. Moritz combines three cultural regions. The importance of St. Moritz started with the healing properties of its waters, well known for over 3.000 years. Besides its marvelous location, overlooking the St. Moritz Lake, this place offers an attractive combination of Nature, culture, sport activities and rest.

St. Moritz is cradle to the Winter Alpine Tourism since 1864 and the Alpine Sports since 1884; the Winter Olympic Games were held twice (1928 and 1984) as well as of many World Skiing and Bobsled Championships. Even though the summer season is less glamorous than winter, it attracts even more visitors from all over the World. All year round St. Moritz offers extraordinary possibilities for recreational and sport activities, varied options for shopping and World class events, all of them combined with first class hotels and restaurants.

Ordinance Nº 43-I-81